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Free One Hour Consultation

To Help Determine Compatibility

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Oh the waves of emotions! One minute you're elated and the next you're anxious! You've made a very wise decision to seek out support from a Doula!  My one hour in person or virtual (depending on the outside world) consultation gives us the opportunity to meet face to face to help determine if I'm the Doula for you.


Labor/Birth Doula~ $1200

You get a birth expert who is unbiased, non-judgmental and there to guide you in pregnancy, labor & those early postpartum weeks, with educational, emotional, and physical support.

Educational Support~

You will be provided with the most up to date evidence based information to help answer any questions or concerns and make informed decisions. You will have two Prenatal visits to discuss your birth options and to help come up with a plan that suits your unique needs. 

Emotional Support~

There are so many emotions that come with pregnancy. You will have unconditional support to help get you through those tough times, whether it be before labor begins, during labor, or amidst the ever changing early postpartum weeks. You will have someone to confide in and listen to your thoughts and feelings that will respect and acknowledge you. You will have someone to keep you focused and confident and that will help instill your strength and reduce fears.

Physical Support~

You will have an on call Doula that will be there to ease the discomforts labor can bring. You will be provided with techniques and positions to help with labor progression, pressure and pain. Massage and counter-pressure will be offered in-between contractions.  

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Water Birth

Antepartum Doula~ $30 per hour

Guidance & Support during your High-Risk/High-Stress Pregnancy

An Antepartum Doula supports and assists with high-risk/high-stress pregnancies. My goal is to help support you in getting as close to full term as possible. 
I provide care for families who are unable to meet their home care needs due to bed rest, sickness, like Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and exteme stress.
Support includes:
Education on pregnancy and any special conditions you may have.
Assist and care for you in daily life and self care.
Help you find resources in your community.
Listen to and address your concerns, affirm your feelings, and help you cope.
Light housekeeping, meal prep/cooking, grocery shopping, running errands.
Teach you coping strategies, relaxation exercises, and pain relief techniques.

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Postpartum & Infant Care Doula~ $30-$35 per hour

Expert support tailored to your Parenting Philosophies.

You're baby has arrived! Wouldn't you love support in adjusting to this new unchartered world?! Even if this isn't your first baby, each baby has it's own unique needs, and you never know what obstacles will come your way.

What does Postpartum & Infant Care look like? 

You can choose a minimum of a 4 hour shift, up to an overnight of at least 8 hours of support. Most shifts are scheduled in advance, but if something urgent arises I am flexible. You'll receive accommodating resources, recommendations and experience with postpartum recovery, any type of baby care, feeding, multiples, and sleep. I am here to assist you in finding the perfect plan customized to the needs of you and your family.

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Family in the Kitchen

Sibling Doula Support~ $150 On Call fee, $30 per hour

Expert Care

On Call, Certified, Expert Care for your child(ren), in your home while you are in labor and giving birth. Peace of mind knowing you have someone you can rely on to care for your family, so you can stay focused and calm during your labor and birth.

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Simple & Natural Newborn Photography

Capturing those first precious moments

Simple, natural, sweet and beautiful photography of your newborn in the comfort of your own home. No studio lights or props needed, just a comfy space with natural light.

Service Includes:

Scheduled 30 minute photo session of newborn, 6 digital images $125

Breastfeeding add on, 3 digital images for additional $50.

Golden Hour Photography

This is an add on package to my Labor Doula Service

Service Includes:

Photography capturing newborn and family during that fresh, memorable, and priceless golden hour of bonding and breastfeeding.

10 digital images for $150

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